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Impact of Technology on Healthcare Education

Happened to meet a reputed orthopedist who is also a faculty in the medical school here in KL. He was very forthright in admitting that technology is rendering most of his teaching activities redundant. With medical students having free access to lessons on the most complex medical subjects available on YouTube, and answers at their

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Ahmed Banafa: “The Blockchain Wave in 2019 and Beyond” Part-1

One name that stands out among the many Blockchain gurus is that of Ahmed Banafa. Not only has he authored books like Secure and Smart Internet of Things (IoT): Using Blockchain and AI, he has now begun teaching a course on Blockchain in the reputed Stanford University, titled, An Introduction to Blockchain Technology and

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Implementing Emerging Technologies in the Gulf

The leadership of this young nation, Saudi Arabia, is ably steering the country towards self-reliance in almost all spheres of life. They have vigorously embarked on bold new ventures embracing emerging technologies— only as can be expected from the chivalrous and daring. However, ironical as it may seem, few of the existing local technology

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