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Ahmed Banafa: “The Blockchain Wave in 2019 and Beyond” Part-2

The following are some more important excerpts from his webinar on “The Blockchain Wave in 2019 and Beyond”. The first part was published some weeks ago. Blockchain Challenges The professor explained the major challenges for Blockchain adoption using the following infographic from (A larger image is available here) In summary, the following are the main challenges

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Emerging Technologies: Their Role in Modernizing Saudi Arabia

Here-under is a very brief introduction of the most prominent emerging technologies,  their current penetration and future potential in the Kingdom IOT: There are giants playing in this field in Saudi already. For example, GE is big on Industrial IOT with their analytics platform (Predix) and sensors for healthcare machines. They are claiming their analytics

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Offering Cloud Computing Services in KSA: Opportunities and Challenges

Some eight years ago, courtesy of my good friend Abdulaziz Aloraij, I was interviewed by Saudi TV2 on 'Software as a Service (SaaS)'. The term Cloud computing was just about getting popular then. An amateur recording of the interview can still be found on YouTube in two parts. Today, as I rewound the recording

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