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Vision 2030 Healthcare Initiatives Which Will Need Digitalization

Select Saudi Vision 2030 Healthcare Initiatives Which Will Need Digitalization

Of the 96 Strategic Objectives that the Saudi Vision 2030 has outlined, to achieve its aim of making the Kingdom 1. A Vibrant Society, 2. A Thriving Economy, 3. An Ambitious Nation, 36 strategic objectives are cascaded to the National Transformation Plan.

The National Transformation Program (NTP) aims at Achieving Governmental Operational Excellence, Improving Economic Enablers, and Enhancing Living Standards through: 1. Accelerating the implementation of primary and digital infrastructure 2. Engaging stakeholders in identifying challenges, co-creating solutions,  and contributing to the implementation of the program’s initiatives.

The Program consists of eight themes. The first of these themes is “Transform Healthcare”. This theme has 3 major objectives:

  1. Ease Access to Health Services
  2. Improve the Quality and Efficiency of Healthcare Services
  3. Promote Prevention Against Health Risks

These objectives are to be achieved through 70 different initiatives. A close perusal of these 70 initiatives reveals that nearly 20 call for some form of digitalization. In other words, companies and individuals in the field of healthcare digitalization have an opportunity to propose their services to the NTP authorities.

I have created the following checklist of initiatives which I believe call for digitalization, to help IT healthcare solution providers companies assess their readiness

Self-Assessment Checklist

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